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Perfection Guaranteed

A.R CONSTRUCTION has a strong reputation and extensive experience in the construction industry, particularly in the design and construction of new houses, extensions, loft-conversion and indoor/outdoor swimming pools. Here are some key highlights from the information you provided:

  1. Experience: With 30 years of experience, your company has a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry, which is valuable for ensuring high-quality projects.

  2. Services: A.R CONSTRUCTION offers a range of services, including design, construction, extensions, and swimming pool construction, both indoors and outdoors.

  3. Engineering Expertise: You mention having one of the best engineering groups in London, which implies a strong focus on quality and technical proficiency.

  4. Client-Centric Approach: You emphasize providing professional services and guiding clients through every detail of their projects. This client-centric approach is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction.

  5. On-Time Completion: Completing almost 100% of projects on time is a strong selling point, as it demonstrates reliability and commitment to deadlines.

  6. Local Expertise: Your experience working extensively in West London and other areas like Central London, Slough, and Windsor showcases your local knowledge, which can be valuable for navigating local regulations and resources.

  7. Compliance and Guarantee: Mentioning the provision of Approved Plans, Planning, Building, and Part P electrical compliance certificates, along with a guarantee, offers assurance to potential clients regarding the legality and quality of the work.

  8. Focus on Enjoyment: Highlighting the importance of clients being excited about their projects and enjoying the construction process indicates a commitment to a positive and enjoyable customer experience.

Overall, this information provides a clear picture of what A.R CONSTRUCTION offers and the values that the company prioritizes. It's essential to continue delivering high-quality projects, maintaining good relationships with clients, and upholding your reputation in the industry.


Some Examples of My Work





Qualified Construction Group

If you’re looking for a certified Construction Worker to manage a really complex job, then this project is a true testament to my abilities to deliver exemplary results under time and financial pressure.

Meeting the Deadline

Despite some unforeseen difficulties, this particular project was completed on time and within budget. It’s the perfect example of my dedication to deliver a quality product, no matter what complications arise, in order to ensure full client satisfaction.

Client Satisfaction

My client for this particular project was interested something economically and environmentally sustainable. I stayed within those boundaries throughout the whole process in order to ensure they were satisfied with the outcome.



Only the Best

This is your Feature description. Write a short blurb explaining what the feature is and why it matters for visitors, customers or clients. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn! Take this opportunity to emphasize the important benefits or key advantages.

Construction Worker


This is your Price Quote section paragraph. Encourage your site visitors to provide information about their project or service request to get a quote in return.

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